Auto Restoration Services

Auto Restoration Services in Davenport, IA

The time has come: you’re ready to get that tired old Cutlass out of the garage and onto the asphalt where it belongs. There’s just one problem. Well, two, actually: it’s tired and old.

Never fear, L.T. Walter Co. is here with all the skills and technology you need to turn your rustbucket clunker into the thing of showroom beauty it once was. Our Davenport, IA, auto restoration services stem from our 35 years of experience in the auto repair and auto body shop business. Truth be told: no one in the Quad Cities does auto restoration better than us.

Our trained technicians will do whatever’s needed to restore your antique, classic, or family heirloom vehicle to like-new condition – odds are we can make it even better and more gorgeous than it was to begin with!

Call the Davenport auto restoration experts at L.T. Walter Co. today for more information, or to have us provide you with an estimate for restoring your vintage auto. There’s no obligation, and of course you know our pricing is good because we’ll give you 15% off your written estimate from any other company!